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The Best of 2017


For the first time in the 21 year history of the Cosmic Cowboy Cafe I found it impossible to separate two albums for the #1 spot so this year I have declared a tie:
= #1 Across The Wide - "Records And Bottles"
= #1 The Reeves Brothers "King Of County Music"
Both these albums are independent releases with outstanding original songs, great vocal , playing and production.
Real country music is alive and well if you know where to look.
In this case Georgia and Nevada.
This is the second release for both groups and their first ones were equally as impressive.

The Best of 2015

I surely must be the the world's worst blogger. One post a year is pretty pathetic. Note to self: blog more in 2016.

Anyway it's that time of year again - time to make  list of my favourite releases of the past year. For the last two shows Tom the Teacher (ret.) and I have played tracks from our favourites release of 2015 on our  8th Annual Review of the Year That  Was Parts 1 & 2 shows. 

Tom introduced me to some artists I was unaware and whose music I will investigate further and here are his pick of the year:

The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe: 2014 Top 10

The Best of 2014 is a much too limiting and exclusive term for my liking but since the Cafe flung open its doors in 1996 there has been an expectation  that I should produce one.

There really is no such thing as the definitive best of anything - it's all subjective and can change on any given day or in any given mood.

The Daredevil Kid" by Craig Moreau is The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe's Album of 2014 because it was the album I played most for my own pleasure. I also love the fact that Craig Moreau has made the hard decision but inevitable decision to follow his muse or be led by his muse after a considerable absence form the music scene.

Wish I was there

Two of my favourite singer songwriters on the same bill on NYE

Now that would have been almost as good as the NYE fireworks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

New Dale Watson Album

I received my advance copy of  Dale Watson & His Lonestars new album from Ellen Stanley at Red House Records just in time to debut it last night's show.

A new album by Dale Watson is an event. Since his Hightone debut  with Cheatin' Heart Attack Dale Watson has set the benchmark for modern honky tonk.

I still get  a thrill every time I hear the opening bars of the title track and remember how blown away I was on first hearing the "punk Merle Haggard" one Saturday morning at Yesterday & Today Records back in 1995.

OOPS - almost forgot

So many great releases this year that I forgot to make mention of Willie  Nelson's Heroes. This is Willie's most consistently good album for many years. His son, Lukas,contributes three of his own songs and vocals. His brother Micah  Nelson also appears on the final track with Lukas.
Other guest include  Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joe Shaver,  Ray Price, Jamey Johnson, Sheryl Crow (who caught Willie's "gotta duet with everybody" disease long ago)  and Snoop Dogg.

Tom the Teacher's Best of 2012

Last night Tom the Teacher (retired) joined me for what was our 5th annual "The Year That Was" show.

Here are Tom's Top 10  albums for 2012:
 1. Chris Wall - El Western Motel
 2. Willie Nelson - Heroes
 3. Gary P. Nunn - One Way Or Another
 4. James Hand - Mighty Lonesome Man
 5. Todd Fritsch  - Up There In The Saddle
 6. Leyla Fences - Itty Bitty Twang Twang
 7. Kelly Spinks - Right Out Of This World
 8. Tim Culpepper - Pourin' Whiskey On Pain 

Best of 2012

2012 saw a slew of fantastic releases.

This is the first time in 16 years I've wimped out and had a shared #1 album of the year.

Leyla Fences “Itty Bitty Twang Twang” was my favourite album for the last half of the year, then Chris Wall releases his first album in 10 years “El Western Motel” and rockets to the #1 spot.

I could not possibly split them.

Chris Wall - along with the 2 Toms (Russell & Pacheco) is the most literate song writer of out time - music like Chris Wall's is the reason I have been presenting my radio show for the last 16 years.

New Program Director at 2RRR

At 2RRR's AGM last Monday I was appointed  program director .

The gig involves  helping create and maintain a diverse program schedule, overseeing the quality of the station's programming and maintaining regulatory compliance as well as liaising with presenters at the station.

The PD is also the guy that most people love to hate at the station  - I was told this AFTER I accepted the position.

Guess I'll just have to wait and see !

New Chris Wall album

It's only taken Chris Wall ten years for  to follow up  "Just Another Place" with "El Western Motel" on his Cold Spring  Record label.

Texas music's most literate songwriter is still exploring his favourite themes of love lost and the trials and tribulations of performing.

The album's one page say's it all:
Like all of Wall’s previous work, El Western Motel pulls no punches and dodges no attacks. It’s equal parts mea culpa, apology, and defiant bluster bolstered by the usual assortment of concise, insightful lyrics that have been a hallmark of Wall’s career.
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